Meet The Owners

Get Pickled is the brainchild of two friends, Dawn and Caroline, busy moms who met on the sidelines of a lacrosse field, supporting their youngest boys. They quickly realized that even with the difficulty of understanding each other (Caroline is Irish with a pretty strong accent!) that they shared a love for pickleball, fun, family, and fashion. When they couldn’t find cute pickleball gear, Get Pickled was born.

They have been hard at work to bring fun designs that encapsulate the spirit of the pickleball community. Dawn and Caroline think they are funny, so let’s see if you guys agree!

 Owner/ Founder
Caroline is born and bred Irish, but moved to Arizona in 2021 with her Husband and kids after living in Illinois for a few years, and is enjoying not having to play Pickleball in either the rain or snow….

She can also (like typical Irish) "dink" you under the table.

My favorite design: The Pickled, sums up the fun Irish culture and pickleball merging perfectly.

Quote that best encapsulates Caroline’s vibe;
“We need to win, we can take them down!”
Owner/ Founder
I’m a Tucson mom to the core with deep roots in this community and a creative brain that can no longer resist the calling to "go for it." My heart and soul support my law enforcement husband and family members and I have a massive sense of gratitude for all first responders.

For me, creating Get Pickled Apparel is an opportunity to challenge my comfort zone and share some positive but playful energy for this undeniably fun sport.

Quote that best encapsulates Dawn’s vibe;
“I’m fine, it’s fine, everything's fine.”